Why should I use an accountant, wouldn't it be quicker and cheaper doing my tax myself?

With one of the more complex taxation systems in the world I spend many an hour, as part of my daily work, researching, investigating and understanding our taxation system. As a taxation specialist I make it my business to stay current, updated and understand the latest changes to Australian Tax laws. Accountants can not only improve your tax return ratio and save you money but also reduce your personal risk.

I really don't know where to start, finance seems all so confusing?

Well you could start by giving me a call. I've had years of experience helping people start from the beginning. This normally means a personal or family budget, keeping important documents on file, taking care of credit and generally understanding the basics of account keeping. These small steps can set you along a new path to success.


I'm thinking of starting my own business, do I need an accountant?

Yes generally you do, I always suggest that along with trusting your personal finances with your accountant, it is just as an important to defer to a specialist when setting up a business. Again due to the complexities of the taxation system and its dynamic nature there are pitfalls to be evaded and financial benefits to be discovered.

Your investment in an accountant will be one of the best you make. Also accountants when giving advice on business matters have a professional and legal duty to provide the client with the necessary information on managing business risk.

I can get you the appropriate coverage at the minimum cost. Reviews of current insurance policies can be performed to access the level of suitability and cost as well.

Is now the right time to buy shares and can you help point me in the right direction?

There's no direct answer to this question because it depends very much on your personal circumstances, generally speaking, now is a good time to think about shares, but it is important that other facets of your personal finances are under control.

Every individual circumstance is different and we would need to analyse yours before offering any direct advice.


Should I still look to keep my own accounts or transfer everything to an accountant?

The better the job you do of maintaining your own accounting records, the more money you can save on accounting services. Whilst professional services are always recommended it pays to keep a close eye on all finances and have a proper filing system (soft and hard copy) so that when we work together all the necessary information can be supplied efficiently.

We can show you how to keep appropriate records either manually or on your computer, or even set a system up for you. We can also help you out with your bookkeeping and payroll.

I have saved quite a bit of money and I'd like to know if I can afford an investment property?

Herein lies a feature of our success... we never take one question in isolation.

This question is best answered by understanding your entire financial portfolio and the best way to do this, is by getting together for an initial chat and then, if you wish, we can develop something more formal.



Our business is based on the south side of Brisbane, do you still service our area?

Yes. We have many clients on the south side of Brisbane. In fact, we service the entire Brisbane area.

Professional fees

In brief, an initial 'getting to know you' engagement is based on a free consultation, to get to know each, and determine if we want to proceed further. Fees are then discussed further once the decision to proceed has been made.

Can I claim these fees against my next tax return?

You most certainly can, Australian Taxation law allows you to claim accountancy expenses in the following year's tax return. We will keep all your information on file, build your portfolio and have each record on hand as a reference to ensure maximum efficiency.

How do you work out your fees?

Yes the question of fees will be discussed after our first consultation and each position is unique depending on the nature of the advice, direction and support that you require. There is never any hard sell and fees are only discussed if and when you decide to proceed.

As a professional accountant I obviously gain my financial and psychological rewards directly from the people and businesses I work with and support. Sometimes alone. Most often as a partnership or team.

However, in my professional roles - as an accountant, business and personal finance mentor- I encourage you to view specialist "fees for service" as an investment that should save you money in the long run.

Best way forward?

With all these alternatives, the best way to find out is to talk together. No initial charge. No obligation. And with total confidentiality, of course. Click here to arrange your free one-hour consultation valued at $250.